Marriage Equality

Love is Love



On December 20, 2013, Federal Court Judge Shelby declared Amendment 3 unconstitutional, opening the doors for same-sex couples everywhere to be married. I was honored to perform 15 of the the first ceremonies at the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office that evening as well as several over the course of the following days – including Christmas Day! Pictures and video of those ceremonies were featured on MSNBC, FoxNews and many other media outlets.

I believe love is a part of who we are, intimately, deep within our being. When love is right, it deserves to be celebrated.  I fully support marriage equality and am thrilled to perform LGBT Wedding, completing a life long vision for two adults, deeply in love, committing to support and care for one another for the rest of their lives and beyond. There is no higher privilege than presiding over a true union of souls, regardless of their gender or gender expression.

For those ceremonies where a marriage license is not provided (Vow Renewals), I am happy to provide a certificate to commemorate the day.


Clifton Webb, Chris Serrano